About Chicago Youth Sports Alliance

Chicago Youth Sports Alliance is a 510(c)3 not-for-profit corporation that was founded with the goal of using athletics and fitness as a platform to improve the social and academic development of Chicago's youth. As a 100% volunteer organization, Chicago YSA provides funding, organization and support of athletic and personal development programs, with specific focus on providing opportunity for children living in under-served communities.

In a time of increasing budget cuts, The Chicago YSA works in coordination with schools and their staff to support youth sports programs for children who may not otherwise have access to such activities. We are dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of the values and lifelong skills that can be learned through sport, including hard work, perseverance, discipline, and personal fitness, teamwork, responsibility, commitment, leadership - building stronger communities and providing 

a foundation for future success.

Support YSA

Support for the Chicago YSA is provided by corporations, organizations and individuals that are dedicated to creating a lasting impact on our future generations through the development and support of youth athletic programs.

Many within the Chicago community have already contributed to creating a better future for our youngest generations.

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Get Involved at YSA

We are always looking to develop new relationships with volunteers, donors and potential program sponsors.

Find out more about how you can become involved and help make a difference today.

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